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Hardware Fittings & Accessories - Tarapur

One of the largest tower manufacturing facilities in India under one roof.


We are equipped with state-of-the-art Plasma Cutting CNC machine used for cutting sheets from thicknesses of 10 mm to 32 mm, used in yoke plates, star plates etc. Along with the CNC facility we do have conventional profile cutting machines.

A self-sufficient shop with equipment required for manufacturing of graded rings, dead end clamps.


➣ CNC Bending Machine used for bending aluminum tubing of various sizes and diameter

➣ Hydraulic press for straightening profile

➣ MIG/ TIG Welding machine

➣ Extrusion cutting machine

➣ Grinding, polishing and buffing machine

➣ Tapering Lathe

We have a specialized shop for manufacturing of armoured rod as per customer specifications.


➣ Preforming machine

➣ Cutting machine

➣ Ball ending machine

➣ Buffing and grinding machine

We are having die casting facility sufficient for our requirement. We have a hot dip galvanization plant of 10MT capacity with independent testing facility for adhesion test, uniformity test, weight and thickness of coating.

We have a well-equipped machine shop with Lathe, Milling Machine, and Grinding Machine to perform various machining operations on forgings, and other components.

Quality Control Processes

We use modern testing facilities and the installed Testing Facilities are sufficient to carry out all TYPE ACCEPTANCE & ROUTINE TESTS on all types of Hardware Fittings & Accessories for Transmission.

1. Mechanical Lab

Horizontal Tensile Strength machine (Capacity: 1500 KN and 600KN) and Vertical Tensile Strength Machine (Capacity: 1000KN): These are used for mechanical tests on all components, sub assembly of strings, raw material sections etc.

 Fatigue Test Machine:

This is used to test Spacer Damper assembly as per customer requirement/ standard. Non Destructive Testing Machine: Used for testing of internal structure and internal cracks in raw material and finished products.

 Magnetic Particle Inspection:

Used to detect crack on forging jobs and raw materials. Electro Dynamic Vibration Shaker: This is used to test the dynamic characteristics of Vibration Dampeners and Spacer Dampeners.

2. Metallurgical Lab


Used for testing of chemical composition of materials.


Used to examine grain structure and inclusion rating of forgings.

 Hardness Testing Machine:

Rockwell Hardness Tester (HRC) and Brinell Hardness Tester (BHN) are used for testing hardness of raw material and components as per requirements.

3. Electrical Lab

4. Software Lab


Transmission Line



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