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The ISELFASpa was founded in 1932 for the hot forging of iron and steel, and in 1970 decided to extend its expertise in electrical terminal box with the absorption of society “Elettromorsetterie Volpato of Milan,” creating division ISELFA Morsetteria.
ISELFA Morsetteria, in all these years has gained a wealth of experience and deep knowledge in the design and manufacture of electrical clamps for medium and high voltage lines and as a trusted company in the field of Overhead Transmission Line Fittings and Accessories.

ISELFA Morsetteria S.r.l, design and manufacturing of clamps, couplings, vibration dampers, spacer dampers for electric lines areas of medium, high and very high voltage. The products of ISELFA Morsetteria are installed on electric power lines over 45 countries worldwide.

ISELFA has implemented Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.


IISELFA Morsetteria has over 50 years of considerable experience in the field. This ensures high standards of quality based on the experience and numerous tests on components and equipment’s.

Despite the electrical terminal block has remained largely unchanged over the years, ISELFA has always paid attention to the design phase, so as to allow a continuous development and product innovation.

Assembly Warehouse

The assembly and shipping department is responsible for the oversight and final assembly of parts before they are sent to the customer.

A careful management of all phases of handling and storage ensures that the material can always be quickly available and ready to ship.

All activities verification of the functionality of the material consistently ensure high standards of quality of the finished product.


Tests are carried in laboratories, in the testing phase, dimensional checks, inspections of galvanizing, mechanical tests, performance tests and fatigue for vibration dampers and spacer dampers are done.

ISELFA Morsetteria has a laboratory for mechanical testing machine equipped with three traction, able to perform tests up to 1000kN and a laboratory for electrical tests, equipped with two transformers with a power of 12kVA, where tests are made of heating and power loss of the terminal box for electrical high voltage lines according to the standard IEC / ANSI.


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